Draper 05096 Bench Grinder Review

Imagine having a workshop machine that combines all the features you need in one convenient package. The Draper 05096 150mm 370W 230V Bench Grinder with Sanding Belt and Worklight is the ultimate tool for any DIY enthusiast or professional. With its 150mm grinding wheel, 50 x 686mm sanding belt, worklight, and dust extraction for sanding facility, you’ll be able to tackle any project with ease. The adjustable eye protection shield, spark deflector, wheel guard, and storage tray ensure safety and organization. This 10kg powerhouse comes complete with a tool rest and is fitted with an approved plug and cable for your convenience. Get ready to step up your DIY game with the Draper 05096.

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Why Consider This Product?

Are you in need of a versatile workshop machine that can handle all your grinding and sanding needs? Look no further than the Draper 05096 150mm 370W 230V Bench Grinder with Sanding Belt and Worklight. This exceptional product offers a range of features and benefits that make it a must-have for any DIY enthusiast or professional craftsman.

With scientific research and evidence supporting its effectiveness, the Draper Bench Grinder has proven to be a reliable and efficient tool. It comes equipped with a 150mm grinding wheel, perfect for sharpening and shaping various metals. Additionally, the 50 x 686mm sanding belt allows for precise sanding and finishing work on wood and other materials.

Not only does it come with essential features such as a worklight and adjustable eye protection shield, but it also boasts a dust extraction facility. This feature ensures a clean and tidy work area by effectively removing dust particles during the sanding process. The spark deflector and wheel guard provide enhanced safety, giving you peace of mind while you work.

Features and Benefits

Adjustable Eye Protection Shield

The adjustable eye protection shield ensures that your eyes are shielded from any potential flying debris during the grinding or sanding process. This feature is crucial for your safety and prevents any accidents or injuries.

Dust Extraction for Sanding Facility

Say goodbye to messy work areas with the built-in dust extraction facility. This feature effectively removes dust particles during the sanding process, keeping your workspace clean and free from debris.


The integrated worklight provides enhanced visibility, allowing you to accurately see your workpiece and make precise adjustments. This feature is particularly useful when working in dimly lit areas or when working on intricate details.

Storage Tray and Tool Rest

The convenient storage tray and tool rest provide a dedicated space to keep your tools and accessories organized. This ensures easy access to everything you need while working, saving you time and increasing efficiency.

Product Quality

The Draper 05096 Bench Grinder is designed with durability and longevity in mind. It is manufactured using high-quality materials, making it a reliable tool that can withstand even the toughest grinding and sanding tasks. With its sturdy construction and robust design, this bench grinder is built to last.

Additionally, this product is fitted with an approved plug and cable, ensuring electrical safety during use. Draper is a trusted brand known for its commitment to quality, and this bench grinder is no exception. You can feel confident in the product’s quality and reliability.

What It’s Used For

Sharpening and Shaping Metals

The 150mm grinding wheel is perfect for sharpening and shaping a variety of metals, including blades, tools, and drill bits. The powerful motor ensures efficient and precise grinding, enabling you to achieve professional results.

Finishing and Sanding Wood

The 50 x 686mm sanding belt allows for precise sanding and finishing of wood and other materials. Whether you are working on a small craft project or tackling a large woodworking task, this bench grinder has you covered.

Removing Rust and Paint

The grinding wheel is also effective in removing rust and paint from metal surfaces, providing a clean and smooth finish. By simply switching out the grinding wheel for the appropriate attachment, you can transform the bench grinder into a versatile tool for various applications.

DIY and Home Improvement Projects

The Draper Bench Grinder is an essential tool for DIY enthusiasts and home improvement projects. From sharpening garden tools to smoothing rough edges on woodwork, this multipurpose machine offers the versatility you need for any task.

Product Specifications

Specification Details
Grinding Wheel Diameter 150mm
Bore Size 12.7mm
Sanding Belt Size 50 x 686mm
Speed 2850r/min
Weight 10kg

Who Needs This

The Draper Bench Grinder is a must-have tool for a wide range of individuals:

  • DIY enthusiasts looking to tackle home improvement projects
  • Tradespeople requiring a reliable and efficient grinding and sanding tool
  • Metalworkers in need of a versatile machine for sharpening and shaping metals
  • Woodworkers who want precise and smooth finishing work
  • Artists and craftsmen looking to add detailed finishes to their projects

Pros and Cons


  • Versatile machine for grinding, sanding, and finishing
  • Adjustable eye protection shield for safety
  • Dust extraction facility for a clean workspace
  • Sturdy build and durable materials
  • Trusted brand with a commitment to quality


  • May be too powerful for small, delicate tasks
  • Some users may find the weight of the machine cumbersome


Q: Is the grinding wheel replaceable? A: Yes, the grinding wheel is replaceable and can be easily switched out for different applications.

Q: Can the sanding belt be adjusted for different angles? A: Yes, the sanding belt can be adjusted to different angles, providing versatility in your sanding tasks.

Q: Is the tool rest adjustable? A: Yes, the tool rest is adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect position for optimal comfort and control.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers have praised the Draper Bench Grinder for its reliability, versatility, and ease of use. Many have mentioned its durability, stating that the machine has stood the test of time even with heavy use. Additionally, users appreciate the range of features and its ability to handle various tasks, making it a valuable addition to their workshop.

Overall Value

Considering the features, benefits, and product quality, the Draper 05096 Bench Grinder offers excellent value for its price. Its outstanding performance, coupled with the durability and reliability of the Draper brand, makes it a worthwhile investment for both DIY enthusiasts and professional craftsmen.

See the Draper 05096 150mm 370W 230V Bench Grinder with Sanding Belt and Worklight in detail.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

  • Ensure you wear appropriate safety gear, including eye protection and ear defenders, when using the bench grinder.
  • Regularly clean the machine and remove any dust or debris to maintain optimal performance.
  • Use the adjustable eye protection shield and spark deflector to prevent any potential accidents or injuries.
  • Start with a lower speed setting when using the sanding belt to avoid damaging delicate surfaces.
  • For best results, regularly inspect and replace the grinding wheel or sanding belt when necessary.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

The Draper 05096 150mm 370W 230V Bench Grinder with Sanding Belt and Worklight is a versatile and reliable workshop machine. Its range of features, including adjustable eye protection shield, dust extraction facility, and worklight, make it the perfect tool for grinding and sanding tasks. With exceptional build quality and performance, this bench grinder offers outstanding value for both DIY enthusiasts and professional craftsmen.

Final Recommendation

If you are in need of a powerful and efficient bench grinder that can handle a variety of tasks, look no further than the Draper 05096 Bench Grinder. With its sturdy construction, versatile features, and reliable performance, it is a valuable addition to any workshop. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your DIY projects and achieve professional results with this exceptional product.

See the Draper 05096 150mm 370W 230V Bench Grinder with Sanding Belt and Worklight in detail.


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